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OneLouder Apps 9.4.7
  • License Gratuito
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  • Downloads 1
  • Size 11.54MB
  • Update 11.10.2021
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Version 9.4.7 Gratuito
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 1 Atualizado em : 11.10.2021 OneLouder Apps


Completo cliente Twitter até para o mais exigente dos usuários
it a lot easier to search for anything that you know you've already tweeted about. Another interesting feature of TweetCaster is that you can view your statistics at any moment. Take a peak at your most retweeted tweets, your mentions, favorites, and other points of interest. Then you have a kind of automatic 'silencer' for both users and hashtags. Thanks to this function, you can silence words or users with just one tap on the screen. And of course, you can turn them back on whenever you want. Something more common - but still useful - is an image editor that is incorporated within the application. You can use it to apply different filters, in the purest Instagram style, to your photos before uploading them. TweetCaster is an excellent Twitter client, full of features with a clean, simple interface. There's no doubt that it has everything that the official Twitter application lacked.


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